Sunday, April 8, 2012

March 5, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Well things are much better than when the week started. So about being sick . . . yeah well, later on Monday I threw up as we got off a bus to visit the ward mission leader and so he took me to the ER and I waited about an hour there before they gave me a list of medications. Then the next day I went to the ER again since the medication didn't do much, waited for 30 minutes, had to get hooked to an IV and get some drug pumped into me, and then had to wait another 30 minutes after that so they could take out the IV and give me another list of medications. (I had so many (doctor prescribed) meds in me that I passed out at home). As I was receiving my last IV, blood started bleeding back into the tube. I was not particularly in the mood at the time to give blood, so I was getting extremely impatient with the whole free health care hospital and the extremely long waits. The good news is that I am perfectly fine now, I have just completely lost my appetite. Literally. And don't worry I am not addicted to any of the medications either.

So that covers my health for this week. And because of my sickness, we weren't able to go out and proselyte as much as we wanted. We only had a total of 4 lessons this week. Two investigators and the other two were with less active members. We did some tracting this week (since we've been white washed) and out of all the contacts we made, we only had two that looked somewhat promising. We will visit them tomorrow. We didn't have any investigators show up yesterday but that doesn't get me down too much. Actually the only thing that is a stumbling block for me is the freaking hills that are all over this place. Hills or mountains, same difference. After this, running around Disneyland will be nothing.

My companions get into a lot of arguments. Most are just friendly debates and rarely are they ever full of contention. But unfortunately it happens at times, so I made a goal (don't know how long this will last) that I will cut down on the whole arguing thing with others. Contention definitely does not leave a good feeling afterwards. Don't get me wrong though, my companion and I are great friends and we get along really well. Most of the time it is just debates between us that become heated eventually because we both have the problem of wanting to be right. I'm working on it.

I have learned how to make pastels, a type of Brazilian food that is fried, and I enjoy them a lot. You take this circular tortilla type of dough thing called a pastel, then you add whatever you want in it, fold it in half, seal it, drop it in hot oil and fry it, and then eat it. I want to lean how to make the actual dough, because I want to come home and show you guys pastels. There are both normal pastels and dessert pastels. Good stuff.

Questions: What is the address to Katrina and Gordon, and what is the address to Michelle and Drew? Does Gordan have a brother or relative that lives in Dallas, Oregon (as in Dallas Texas)? my companion wants to know. Elder ******** and I would like to know, because of a debate we had, how long are the people in Survivor on the island for and how many people are usually on the show? Not to be rude, but why again did Emily get such a short haircut? She doesn't look like a boy, but still...

Well that's it for today. I love you guys! The gospel is true and as President Joseph Fielding Smith (I think) said, sharing the gospel is the purest form of kindness we have today!

Love you all!

Elder Kevin Brady

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