Wednesday, April 4, 2012

February 27, 2012

Dear Family,

Well it's great to hear how everything is going in Hawaii. I'm sure the play was awesome and everything. Thank you all for celebrating my birthday by eating pineapple ice cream. That sure means a lot to me. Tell all my friends that I say hello to them too. I did wait to open all of my birthday presents and even waited to read the cards as well, until it was actually my birthday. I did open the awesome book of Christmas letters that you sent me mom, before my actual birthday, though. I loved reading the letters and re-reading about my childhood again. I loved the Reese's and peanut butter and syrup too. I thought the gifts were all awesome. And I also liked getting the Ensigns. I love reading the one about the Book of Mormon because it has so many interesting articles and I learned things that I have never really thought about much. Thanks again for the presents and the cards. I did enjoy the small cards too.

This area is very different. It has more hills than any other area I have been in and our house is in the center of the area which is in a small valley between the mountains. The church is on a hill and we need to climb about 50 stairs just to get to it. The area is also in a jungle, so that means that there are a bunch of crazy animals around that I have never seen before. Actually, yesterday, before a meeting, Elder ****** and I found a tarantula in the baptismal font. Elder ******** took a picture of it, and I would have too, but someone stole my camera last week, so I don't have a camera anymore. So for the rest of the mission, I guess I will just borrow my companion's camera to send you guys pictures.

The members here are much different than the rest of my mission. This is probably the first ward where the members actually walk the walk, as they talk the talk. This ward dresses the most modest out of any of the other wards, especially the Young Woman. I was actually surprised. I always thought that because it was a warmer climate, people dressed slightly different here in Brazil. This ward however proved me wrong, considering the fact that Joaçaba is actually one of the hottest cities if not the hottest. I definitely appreciate the modesty.

The elders quorum, actually the whole ward, wants to get involved with missionary work as much as possible. I feel kind of bad about it because these past few months since November, they have had some not-very-hardworking missionaries here. But now that me and Elder ****** have arrived, the ward members want to go on divisions every day with us if possible. These people also want to give us references. This area is full of great people, and they are very knowledgeable in the gospel. They also want the Young Men and Women to go proselyting with us to get some missionary experience. This ward is very excited about missionary work. In fact, last night, we split up to go home teaching with the members so that we can get to know everyone.

This Area I can see will be very rewarding because of both the efforts of us missionaries and of the members.

Well, that about wraps it up for this week. I love you guys and enjoy your letters. They mean a lot.

Love, Elder Kevin Brady

PS-I woke up this morning not feeling well and I have gotten worse. Hopefully it is nothing big, but if you could just keep me in your prayers that would be great.

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