Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 10, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, this week unfortunately, we didn't plan that well so we ended up not being that productive.  I blame myself for that since I didn't take the lead, as I am supposed to, and plan with my companion.  We taught a few times, but we only made 3 contacts.  President wants us to make at the very least 40.  So, I have learned that lesson -- it was an extremely boring week and nothing that I am proud of . But, Sunday, last night, we did an extremely good weekly plan for this week.  Hopefully, it will be much better. No, wait, it will be better.  So sorry if I don't have a whole lot to talk about.

We have been teaching a man named *****.  He's the one that knows the Bible extremely well.  We have been studying a lot this week (that could have contributed to not making a lot of contacts) so that we could come prepared to show him why our church believes certain things.  He likes us coming over and he does not want to Bible-bash, just only understand our religion.  We will be teaching him tomorrow night about the Plan of Salvation.  I pray that his heart can be softened.  We actually were talking to a member (who was converted two years ago) about his conversion and how he believes that the investigators heart needs to be softened before one can hear of the Restored Gospel.  This member said that, before being baptized,  he would never accept the missionaries lessons and would always use the scripture saying that we should not accept angels or persons who preach another gospel.  But then a missionary taught him about the Plan of Salvation rather than the Restored Gospel and his heart was softened.  We then felt impressed to teach ****** this, because there are many scriptures in the Bible that he can relate to.

We are also teaching a woman named **** who is progressing very well, only she feels a little shy when it comes to church.  She asked many questions on what she is supposed to wear, whether we will be standing outside waiting for her.  So, we made plans to teach her with a family, and talk about church with her.  We also plan that this week we can bring her to the building before Sunday and show her around, so she feels a little more comfortable.  It will be good.

We plan on talking with the members during lunch about references and doing Family Home Evenings with the references and families.  I have had a lot of success with references before in ****, so I feel that working with the members here will also help a lot.  Members and missionaries working together will help Zion to grow in the area. That is what we need.

Tomorrow we have the Christmas conference with President, so I will get all the details about skype.  Skype was authorized by the first presidency so we will be using Skype.  The good thing about this area is that many of the members have nice computers, so I don't think we will have a problem.  Also we will get a list of the movies we are allowed to watch on Christmas day.   Of course that doesn't matter much on the mission, but it is fun to think about.

Well that is it for me.  I love you guys, and stay true to the gospel.  It's true, and Jesus lives and loves us.  God, the Father, does too.

Elder Kevin Brady

December 3, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry to hear that everyone is getting sick over there.  That's no fun... at times.  Of course, I remember that I liked being sick because I got to watch T.V.  Those were good times.  I am sorry also to hear that our friend's house was broken into.  I hate it when people steal.  How rude.

Well, this week we are still teaching the same people.  We have two new investigators.  This week we are going back to visit them.  One liked to talk about Jesus and he liked our message and asked a lot of great questions while we taught him.  The other got a diploma for studying the Bible so I think that his real intention for letting us teach him--to Bible-bash; but don't worry--we always just bear our testimony instead.  Bible-bashing won't do any good.  But he is a cool guy, and he likes what we teach.

We have done a lot of contacting people this week but no one really wants to hear our message.  Everyone says that they were born Catholic, they still are Catholic, and they will die catholic.  I don't understand why, since many of them say that they don't even frequent the church.  It makes no sense.  Other people see us and just shake their finger and say, "No."  I think that is the most hilarious.  They start yelling at us that they have no time.  I just laugh. So many people reject us without even knowing what our church is about.  It is sad.  But some people, well, I can only just laugh.

We still are going to go out and talk with people.  Try to find new people since three investigators is not enough to work with.  We are getting to know the area better, so it is easier to get around.

I got the Christmas Package.  Or, it arrived in the mail, but I had to pay 75 bucks because of taxes.  What exactly did you put in there? I'm excited.  It must be really cool.  Yeah, so that is kind of why I have been using my personal card a bit because of the Christmas box.

Well that has been my week.  Sorry this is really short.  I love you guys though.  I am grateful for your prayers.  I pray for you too.  Have a good week.  I love you.

Elder Kevin Brady