Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 21, 2011

Hello Family,

This week was good. The president already knows about the problems of the other Elder so there is not much to do about it. We did sing to our investigators and they enjoyed it. I enjoyed singing to them. Oh yes and question, I need to know how much is on the debit card (well it won´t matter much really since I need it this week) but I need to pay about $150 to a foot doctor because I had an ingrown toenail and I will get a reimbursement after I pay the price. So that is lots of fun. I actually had four ingrown toenails this month. Yeah, it kind of hurt. Yes I do have my card. I just don't know how much is on it.

We have someone that is committed to a baptismal date. He is eight years-old and his older brother is a member, so now we are preparing them both so that his brother can baptize him. Their mom is not a member but she doesn't care what church they go to. But hopefully over time she will join the church as well.

The other investigators are always busy, though this week me and my companion look at it as a blessing that none of our investigators were at sacrament meeting since practically apostasy was being preached over the pulpit. The speaker was giving a talk about missionary work and some how that related to him stating he was beautiful five times and that God wants the Lamanites to be homeless. That is what he said: "The other day I saw a Lamanite at the park who was sleeping and homeless. God wants that." ...???... (FYI – We don't belive God wants that!!) So we just decided to work at the investigators coming next Sunday.

Today we are going to the "Shopping" which in English is mall, and that will be exciting. I am not sure what we will do there, all I know is that it is the first mall in Chapecó. And it has McDonald´s.

I have found a few General Conference Liahonas and I have been reading those lately and I enjoy them a lot. Reading the words of the prophets give deep insight on how we should improve and live our lives. And by heeding the words of the prophet we can return to the presence of our Father and our Redeemer.

I love this gospel and I know that it is true. I am truly grateful for Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, who died for our sins. I am also grateful for the Love of our Heavenly Father and how he continues to love us even when, at times, we throw it back in his face. I love all of you and I know that this church is true.

Elder Kevin Brady

Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 14, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

I got my Christmas package and the four letters that you sent to me, including the first “three days of Christmas.” Unfortunately, I was not patient and I opened them all immediately, so I now have everything. The good thing is that the gift will last because I received 4 jars of Peanut Butter! Thank you so much! I never thought that peanut butter would make the best Christmas gift ever, but it does. Also the maple flavoring and root beer concentrate is awesome (I didn´t know there was such a thing as root beer concentrate).

I am glad to hear Tessa is doing great and thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to try it. Emily threw up, that is no fun. I remember that throw-up always came out of my nose so hopefully that didn't happen to her.

Tessa's wedding pictures are great! I wish I had been there; but at the same time, I am glad I wasn't because you guys sent me a lot of those pictures and I am certain that it wasn't even half of what was actually taken. I don't have the patience for going through a picture session. But I did like the colors. I am guessing red and black [note: Kevin is color blind], but whatever they were it looked very classy! All of the colors have been great for each of my sisters' weddings, but I might go with pink and purple for my wedding. Maybe yellow too.

This week was good. We had two investigators come to church yesterday so that was exciting and they enjoyed it. Afterwards, my companion told me that the husband kept telling him that I sang good, so we might give a lesson to the family and sing a song to them. My companion had a good idea to get words to some Christmas songs and sing them to some investigators here, since they don´t really have Christmas songs here in Brazil. At first I was like, "But it doesn't snow in Brazil" and my companion said "It doesn't matter, the songs are in English. They won´t understand!" So, that was a good point.

I sent letters to you guys earlier this week and hopefully they will get there soon. The strike is over at the post office in Floripa so we don´t have to worry about that. Oh, yeah, I was wondering if you guys could send me a bunch of recipes for cinnamon rolls and cookies and other things, because I think it would be a good Idea to make them and give them to investigators. Just send all types of recipes and I will find out if they have the things here in Brazil or not. Actually Elder V*****I, who is a missionary that lives in the same house as us, is going to help me make the cookies from the back of the Reese´s peanut butter chip package you guys sent me. We just need chocolate powder or something like that and then we can make it.

We have a missionary in our apartment who, every night, gets worried about some "demon" that is outside, and he runs around the house closing the windows and doors, and he seems paranoid about every single thing. I don't think I could be his companion because I might laugh at the situation and he would freak out on me. My companion is saying that he is just creepy but I am amused because I have seen a lot creepier. To me it's just funny. I don't think I could handle having a child like him because I could never take him seriously.

Well, it is great to hear from you all. Tell me the play Tessa has been in and what musical she will be doing next term. And no, you guys did not tell me about Erica and Emily being in the Christmas Carol.

I love all of you and have a very great week. You are all in my prayers.

Elder Kevin Brady

P.S. Tell Elder Craft that I have lost "The Game."

Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 7, 2011


I felt like starting my e-mail like Elder Turner. That is so weird that he is almost done when I have just started. I've got 19 months to go.

It is very comforting to hear that you still eat meat. I´ll miss those family get togethers during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don´t even know if they celebrate Thanksgiving in Brazil. I know it's an American holiday but other countries have adopted it because I think they saw it as an excuse to eat more food. So maybe Brazil adopted it too. Who knows. Apparently every Christmas they have a Missionary Conference so that will be how I will celebrate that awesome day. I don't know if we go prosyliting on Christmas. I for one would not want two missionaries knocking on my door during Christmas, but that's just me. (Joking) Good to hear Halloween went awesome. Save the Reese´s for me. (Not Joking).

All right, so this week I escaped from Alcatraz, and I am now in Paridise. It is very warm heat here in Chapecó, and the most rain that we have had was the smallest sprinkle one can imagine. The rest of the days we have nice sunny weather. I am sorry that I have been awful with the pictures, but I do promise that next week, I will bring my camera. You guys can see my awesome farmers tan. Chapecó would probably be considered the cowboy city of Santa Cantarina. That is why it is so awesome. Out of the three cities I have served in, this one is the best.

My new companion, Elder V************** is great and the contrast between him and my previous companion is night and day. Elder F***** was constantly moving and walking, going from place to place. I don´t think he ever got tired, and Elder V** will sit down and take a break for a few minutes to rest. Some may see that as lazy, but we got three new investigators from it so I am not complaining. Elder V** pushes me in lessons to teach simple things, and that is pretty much where I get my language practice in. I guess that I should talk more at members homes, but I don´t know what to say since I have never been a talkative person. But it is no different than before since everyone sounded like they were speaking a different language before the mission, too.

Today was good. We went to the other mission apartment with other elders and we played Phase Ten. So now I am actually making friends on the mission which did not really happen before except with Elder T******.

These last few days I have been having a bit of insomnia, but last night I passed out, so that felt nice. I think the insomnia only happened because I am in a different place, so I don´t think it will last much longer.

No the package has not come yet. I may get it this week since my companion will go off to Floripa with the other Zone leader to get mail for the Zone conference this week. But I do not expect it until much later since we are in different countries. But I do have lots to talk about. It says in the handbook that we cannot talk more than 40 minutes unless the mission president allows more, because they don't want us to cause a money burden for you guys. But if you are fine with more, say it, and I can ask the mission president.

Investigators here are awesome. They are all reading the Book of Mormon and taking the lessons; the only thing they need is to actually come to church. That will help them a lot to progress.

Well, not much more time to write anything. I love you guys, and I look forward to the next e-mail. I still have trouble focusing, but that is something that I have to work at.

Elder Brady.

P.S. I had a dream that I was a little pig on a farm! Oink! Oink! Oink! (Harry Potter Puppet Pals - The Vortex)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 31, 2011

Dear family and friends,

OK, many questions, but I will tell you guys that last week it was the other missionaries that had the transfer, and we had to go with them because there was a time that Elder *************** did not have a companion. An Emergency Transfer is when the Missionary President makes a random transfer, that is in the middle of a transfer cycle (so, not normally when people are transferred), and they usually have about two or three hours to pack and leave. I am not sure though why anyone would say that missionaries dread to hear those words. I would have been happy to hear them these first three months...

But that doesn´t matter now because on Wednesday, I leave for Chacepou, which is on the opposite side of our mission--about an 11 hour bus ride, but I think I might be taking a plane there. Not sure. My new companion will be Elder ******* who is a Zone leader there. I think that he is an American, judging from how the Americans say it differently than the Brazilians. I told everything that has been going on to the A.P.s and they promised that I will have a very good companion, and I have also heard that this guy is awesome. So I can´t wait.

This week we did not really do much because we moved to a different apartment, and that took up all of Wednesday; and then we spent time the other days preparing for a ward activity. The ward activity was pretty fun; I played some ping-pong with some of the members. I talked with a few, and I practiced my Portuguese.

I will miss the food and members here. But I also heard that the food is good at Chacepou, and that they have many Grills there. I think that we drink only two types of sodas as missionaries now: Guaraná and Coke-Cola. very rarely do we get others--like I think I had Pepsi once. We get juice a lot. At times, it's like actual juice, but I am not a fan of that because they make it really thick. Lots of rice of beans. And meat. I am sure that when I come back to Oregon I will be upset because of the lack of meat. And if you guys are vegetarian or something when I come back, I will live with some other family. I don't think anyone could be allowed to be a vegetarian here in Brazil. I never really liked it when people would tell me that there will be no meat during the millennium. They would say, "It says in the scriptures that the animals will live with the humans in harmony." OK, so the animals will give themselves up peacefully. That is fine with me.

I'm tired. I have been the first person up this last week. Everyone else is now slower than me to get up. That is not normal. I am kind of worried about this. I'm also the first to go to bed. But that doesn't mean at all that I can focus on anything, though.

This will be my second transfer on the mission, and my third Zone. This is odd for a missionary. Generally missionaries stay in the same zone for many months. If this keeps up I may meet almost every missionary in my mission.

I've run out of ideas, and now I have to write to the president. I hope everything goes well for you.

Elder Kevin Brady