Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 21, 2011

Hello Family,

This week was good. The president already knows about the problems of the other Elder so there is not much to do about it. We did sing to our investigators and they enjoyed it. I enjoyed singing to them. Oh yes and question, I need to know how much is on the debit card (well it won´t matter much really since I need it this week) but I need to pay about $150 to a foot doctor because I had an ingrown toenail and I will get a reimbursement after I pay the price. So that is lots of fun. I actually had four ingrown toenails this month. Yeah, it kind of hurt. Yes I do have my card. I just don't know how much is on it.

We have someone that is committed to a baptismal date. He is eight years-old and his older brother is a member, so now we are preparing them both so that his brother can baptize him. Their mom is not a member but she doesn't care what church they go to. But hopefully over time she will join the church as well.

The other investigators are always busy, though this week me and my companion look at it as a blessing that none of our investigators were at sacrament meeting since practically apostasy was being preached over the pulpit. The speaker was giving a talk about missionary work and some how that related to him stating he was beautiful five times and that God wants the Lamanites to be homeless. That is what he said: "The other day I saw a Lamanite at the park who was sleeping and homeless. God wants that." ...???... (FYI – We don't belive God wants that!!) So we just decided to work at the investigators coming next Sunday.

Today we are going to the "Shopping" which in English is mall, and that will be exciting. I am not sure what we will do there, all I know is that it is the first mall in Chapecó. And it has McDonald´s.

I have found a few General Conference Liahonas and I have been reading those lately and I enjoy them a lot. Reading the words of the prophets give deep insight on how we should improve and live our lives. And by heeding the words of the prophet we can return to the presence of our Father and our Redeemer.

I love this gospel and I know that it is true. I am truly grateful for Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, who died for our sins. I am also grateful for the Love of our Heavenly Father and how he continues to love us even when, at times, we throw it back in his face. I love all of you and I know that this church is true.

Elder Kevin Brady

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