Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 31, 2011

Dear family and friends,

OK, many questions, but I will tell you guys that last week it was the other missionaries that had the transfer, and we had to go with them because there was a time that Elder *************** did not have a companion. An Emergency Transfer is when the Missionary President makes a random transfer, that is in the middle of a transfer cycle (so, not normally when people are transferred), and they usually have about two or three hours to pack and leave. I am not sure though why anyone would say that missionaries dread to hear those words. I would have been happy to hear them these first three months...

But that doesn´t matter now because on Wednesday, I leave for Chacepou, which is on the opposite side of our mission--about an 11 hour bus ride, but I think I might be taking a plane there. Not sure. My new companion will be Elder ******* who is a Zone leader there. I think that he is an American, judging from how the Americans say it differently than the Brazilians. I told everything that has been going on to the A.P.s and they promised that I will have a very good companion, and I have also heard that this guy is awesome. So I can´t wait.

This week we did not really do much because we moved to a different apartment, and that took up all of Wednesday; and then we spent time the other days preparing for a ward activity. The ward activity was pretty fun; I played some ping-pong with some of the members. I talked with a few, and I practiced my Portuguese.

I will miss the food and members here. But I also heard that the food is good at Chacepou, and that they have many Grills there. I think that we drink only two types of sodas as missionaries now: Guaraná and Coke-Cola. very rarely do we get others--like I think I had Pepsi once. We get juice a lot. At times, it's like actual juice, but I am not a fan of that because they make it really thick. Lots of rice of beans. And meat. I am sure that when I come back to Oregon I will be upset because of the lack of meat. And if you guys are vegetarian or something when I come back, I will live with some other family. I don't think anyone could be allowed to be a vegetarian here in Brazil. I never really liked it when people would tell me that there will be no meat during the millennium. They would say, "It says in the scriptures that the animals will live with the humans in harmony." OK, so the animals will give themselves up peacefully. That is fine with me.

I'm tired. I have been the first person up this last week. Everyone else is now slower than me to get up. That is not normal. I am kind of worried about this. I'm also the first to go to bed. But that doesn't mean at all that I can focus on anything, though.

This will be my second transfer on the mission, and my third Zone. This is odd for a missionary. Generally missionaries stay in the same zone for many months. If this keeps up I may meet almost every missionary in my mission.

I've run out of ideas, and now I have to write to the president. I hope everything goes well for you.

Elder Kevin Brady

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