Tuesday, April 3, 2012

February 6, 2012

Beleza, família (and friends).
Just to let you know, Beleza is slang for what's up in Portuguese. Sounds like you guys have had an interesting week. I don't even know what I did. I forgot it all. Anyway, Michelle is in my prayers as well and I hope everything goes well. But of course, it's the Lord's will and not ours. And yes it is true that I did used to kind of hate the beach (partly because Oregon beaches are rainy and cold), but I always had the choice of going there if ever I wanted to. Now I don't have the choice (if I want to keep the mission rules – and I do).
Not much happened this past week to be honest. Actually, I think the most excitement that I had all week was the English classes we are teaching and having to go on divisions with Elder ********* (one missionary who was in my district at the CTM) and going to the health center for his physical therapy. The rest of the week we went on divisions with the other Elders to learn the area and make contacts. I don't always like making contacts. I used to be afraid, but now it's just boring especially when people don't want to hear our message. But contacting people (strangers) has to be done so we can get to the good parts of the mission and start teaching people.
My companion is cool but there are times when I have no idea what is going on. Sometimes I feel like he and the other couple of missionaries in our area leave me out of the conversations (or maybe its just that I go off into my own world) and so I don't know what is going on. I don't mind, I just go into my own world, or I get my sense of fun with the other Elders in my apartment.
The other Elders are really cool and I enjoy being with them. Elder ******** just got his Christmas package and one of the presents was Pass the Pigs. Remember that game? its the best ever. Now, maybe not this package but the next one...I don't know but if I happened to find pass the pigs in there...My goal in that game is to get piggy back and get kicked out of the game. But, yeah, about the other Elders, we generally talk with each other and hang out at night.
That is all I have for this week. The language is coming slowly as always. I can understand fairly well “if” I concentrate. Emphasis on the "if". Sometimes I feel like my mind has exploded and my concentration has been shot. So that is the hardest thing for me.
Hey, you guys should send photos. I will next week or this week if I have time. Today I don't since someone else is using my camera to get pictures. I have a lot of pictures. I may need to get rid of some and save the good ones.
I love you all!
Elder Kevin Brady

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