Monday, April 30, 2012

April 23, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Hey, great story about the Bishop, mom.  I think I saw a video of that story on Mormon Messages. [Watch this – it is an amazing story I just saw at Time Out For Women – Shelly speaking here - ]. 

Hey Dad, too bad so few students showed up to your institute class.  Maybe the ones who didn't show up were busy, or they were like me and hadn't gone on a mission yet and don't fully understand the importance of the gospel.  As far as Mother's Day goes, I don't have any news about the whole skype thing yet.  All I know is that here in Brazil time, I have church from 8:30 to 11:30 AM.  

So, we did a lot of door contacts this week, but we weren't able to get into people´s houses.  They said to come back a different time this upcoming week, so we will.  Hopefully we will get to teach some people.  We taught one family though, but I am not sure if they completely understood our message.  We will go back though.  We were also able to visit I******* again after 2 or so weeks, and it turns out that she is still trying to quit smoking.  I feel sorry for her, she is going through a lot of withdrawals and it doesn't help since everyone around her smokes too.  Overcoming addictions is not easy.  My advise is: Don't get trapped into one.  But I do know that she has felt the spirit of our message and she knows there is good reason for overcoming this addiction.

Same companion.  Same ol', same ol'.  Oh some new news actually: we got a slip at the Zone conference and there are certain movies that we are allowed to watch on p-day, like The Singles Ward, etc.  Cool things like that. 

So recently, other than focusing on investigators and sharing the gospel of course, I have been thinking of what exactly I was going to do as a job some day.  My patriarchal blessing said I would be successful in whatever occupation I choose.  So I have been narrowing it down and praying about it. I did receive an answer, so yes, God does answer our prayers, but the only response was that I needed to make the decision myself.  Maybe you guys could give me your opinions. I want to make a decision but I know the first step is serving a full-time, honorable mission. The mission comes first and so does the Lord.

Love you guys.  Stay strong in the church.  I was reading a general conference talk and the speaker said that when it comes to trials, some people will come closer to Christ and others will push themselves away.  Be the one that comes closer. 

Love you all! Elder Kevin Brady

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