Monday, April 9, 2012

April 2, 2012

(Just a little new friend!)

Dear Family and Friends,

We have three investigators. and hopefully they will come to church at some time. We have struggled with people following up on the commitment to come. And it can be frustrating at times, especially since they have already received a witness of the truth. Now I understand how Heavenly Father feels about me most of the time. Face-palming up in heaven wondering why I make stupid decisions. It can get irritating. I get it now.

The branch president likes Elder*******r and I, and the fact that we are actually doing things since the last 5 groups did nothing. Don't have a baptism scheduled at this time, but hopefully that will change in the days, or weeks, to come.

So recently, I have just been in a bad mood about the mission, wanting to give up, and thinking about times when life was so much better and blah blah blah blah blah. I realized that that was what was stunting my growth. I wanted things to be easy. Well guess what, it won't be and I need to get used to it. I need to get over myself, as me and my other friends would say. Get lost in the work. Didn't make sense before, but I get it now. I was too worried about myself and if I was good enough - until something just said "Hey Elder, shut up, who cares about you. You are on the Lord's errand and he has only asked you to do your best. Now go and stop being a baby." That was the answer to my prayers and fasting. Whether it was the Spirit, or just myself telling me, it helped.

So, my attitude is starting to turn around. I am looking at the mission with a new perspective. If ever I find times to be hard, I just got to tell myself "shut up, get to work, do your best." Makes sense to me. But seriously, we cannot be beating ourselves up on not being perfect, or that we aren't worthy or something. If the Lord has called us to do something, and we are keeping the serious commandments, the Lord trusts us to fulfill it. And through him, we are definitely able to do all things.

I love you all and your support, and enjoy your letters.

Love, Elder Kevin Brady

PS To Katrina:

Hey great to hear things are doing well back at home. I liked the comments from both kids; however loving and interesting they were haha. I didn't know you taught Relief Society, but I am sure that is a great calling. I am sure Gordon did well on the bar. A favorite candy that I have not found in Brazil is skittles. Why do you ask?

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