Monday, April 9, 2012

March 26, 2012

Hello Family and Friends,

It is cool you all are going to Nauvoo. I've never been there. Don't know what it's like, but I am sure it's awesome. I almost went with Dad, but then he didn't take me and sent me a brick or something. Well, hopefully you all enjoy it over there. I won't be seeing General Conference this weekend, but maybe different one [from earlier?]. I might not be able to hear Priesthood Session as well, just because of where our area is.

This area is extremely difficult. The members are not helping at all because they say they have references but they never give any. Please be sure to give references to your missionaries because it helps so much. We have to come up with a ton of different ways to find people. We are probably going to start a English Class and find people to teach through that.

This week was awful since we had to go to a different area and do divisions because one Elder had to go to Floripa for a Visa and we had to stay in that area with his companion. My companion got a bunch of letters and I got none, so that was sad. But of course, the work is more important so I should focus on that. We made 18 contacts this week and no one accepted. Note: when I say contacts, or going out contacting, that generally means tracting. This is me confusing Portuguese with English.

I hope things get better. This has been a very trying area, and we are, I guess, trying to get better. The thing is, I am a person that doesn't necessarily follow others, but I don't tell others what they can or can't do, or should or shouldn't do. I just can't do it. I will say, "we should work harder", and if they say no, I won't argue. Won't fight. So if people slack off, I won't fight with them. Most of the time I won't tell president either. I literally can't do something like that, unless they start getting into my business. If they start attacking me, I will talk and leave, but if not, then I will say my piece and let at that. So it appears to some I am a slacker, when really I just don't tell people what to do.

That is my week. My companion is not too bad. He has made a goal to try a lot better this week, so we can get some success, and I am not complaining. I'm kind of getting bored of not having any success over here. I would so love to be able to preach the gospel again.

I love all of you. I love receiving your E-mails.


Elder Kevin Brady

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