Friday, August 10, 2012

July 30, 2012

Dear Family,

Things are going pretty well.  We still don't have a baptism marked on the calendar but we might get one this week.  That will be awesome.  This area is slightly difficult and kind of weird  that re-activating members can be tough and in how some just live too far away from church and how some come about once a month or so.  The members feel the Spirit and they know that it is true, they just feel that other things have a higher priority such as work.  Hopefully one day they will come back to full activity.

The area is good and we get fed lunch every single day on the mission, except P-day [preparation day], and the food is really good.  The only weird food that I have had on the mission is this ravioli pasta stuff that they put squash inside of.  I find it odd since fruit and pasta do not mix well for me unless it's tomatoes.  I'll eat it and not complain but I don't like it.  I have not had fish yet, gratefully so I love the lunches here.

My companion is doing well about the extension.  He doesn't feel like it's too difficult.  He is getting very trunky though.  He has been reading some letters from home and he is ready to go back soon.  But he won't stop on his mission.  He will still work and not just be lazy all day, so it works out great.  I've been out for almost 14 months already.  Wow time flies.

Mission is going good.  I liked that article from dad about how being grateful is the key to success.  That is definitely true.  That is something I can work even more on.  I may try it for a week and see how it changes my perspective.  I always remember that story of the ten lepers who Jesus healed and only one of them came back and thanked him.  I like to ask myself at times who I would be in that situation.  It would be good to be the one who comes back and thanks him, I think.  I am grateful to serve the Lord and I love you all very much.

Elder Kevin Brady

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