Friday, August 10, 2012

July 23, 2012

Dear family and friends, 

Yes, I do have my card with me so my card was not actually stolen (just my card number). And, by the way, it did not seem like someone stole 800 dollars from me because the other day I used the card and it worked perfectly fine.  (I spent about $2.50)  It could have been someone hacked into the machine that I used.  I am not sure.  But I will be a lot more careful with how I use it now.

We are receiving tons of references now and that is awesome.  We may have a baptism coming up very soon.  Who knows?  We gave a few blessings this week to help out a few people.  Most were people who are less active in the church right now.  Hopefully some will come back to church.  This week we had a district meeting and the meeting was about how the Book of Mormon was saved for our time and that is part of the reason it is so important in our missionary work and why we need to use it when preaching the gospel. 

My companion was supposed go home at the end of this transfer but he will not leave until the next transfer.  The president made the decision without his acknowledgement and my companion was not super happy about it, but what could he do?  The fact that he is not complaining too much about it is incredible to me because I have no idea what I would do in that situation.  But he is a cool kid.  We have the same interests practically and he is very simple to get along with. 

We had tacos yesterday.  First time in a year and one month.  Tasted great. I ate a lot.  Though that wasn't so great for my stomach.  You see, they don't have cheese and lettuce and such on the tacos.  Just meat.  So eating a lot of taco meat doesn't do well with your system.  Good food though.  I miss Taco Bell.

The church is true and we all have rough patches in our lives.  Wouldn't really be life without them.  But, "men are that they may have joy,"  so we need to learn from our trials and come out stronger.  That is what makes life great.  That is when one can look back at their life in the afterlife and say, "I did a good job" and feel satisfied with everything.  I love you guys and I am glad I made the choice to go on a mission.

Elder Kevin Brady

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