Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June 18, 2012

Hi Family and Friends,

Erica is going to Hollywood? Wait what?  I'm going to Hollywood too. I'm an actor too.  I'm gonna be a comedian when I grow up.  I'm going to make people laugh for a living.  My job will be a joke.

Anyway, the mission is going good.  We are trying our best to work with the bishop and ******** and try to get him married and baptized either this week or the next.  Hopefully this week.  He has taken all the lessons and has received a testimony and everything, it is just difficult to set up a date for everyone. Patience.  I need Patience.

So,  dinner has been a lot of French Fries and burgers because those are really cheap.  I am still losing weight.  I think I might end up getting scurvy as well because I have kind of eliminated fruits and vegetables from my diet.  I find out I could get out of eating them if I just wait until the members ask if I want any.  They don't do the pass around the table thing here in Brazil.  I hate fruits and vegetables.

Money is fine and speaking of money, I found a perfume that the girls might like if they want one.  It's 45 dollars each in American money.  If that's too much than I could find something else.  I like the smell.  though the name has the name seduction.  It smells really good though.  It's not too strong too, so everyone around them won't get headaches.

Tell me what you think.  Maybe I could get lotion, if not, with some Brazilian fruit.

The atonement is one of the most important and greatest blessings of the plan of salvation.  I am so grateful that with my mistakes I can become clean again.  That I can learn and grow and do the best I can on this life so I can return again to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I love you all so much and I am grateful for your examples.  I love you.

Elder Kevin Brady

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