Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 7. 2013

Dear family and friends,

The week passed by and it was kind of the same old.  I am still getting frustrated over small things.  I shouldn't but I can't help it.  I shouldn't really be feeling all of this since we have a baptism marked for the 26th and that is exciting and wonderful, but at the same time something small happens and I get upset.  Or something big happens and I get upset.  Either way something happens and I get upset.  I am trying to do better. I am.  But the adversary does not want me to do my best.  It feels at least to me, though I know many others go through the same or worse, that the adversary works extra hard to make me feel like a failure.  Difficult stuff that is going on but what can I do.  Only the same thing every single week and day.

Any way, we didn't have that good of a week this week except for marking the baptism.  Her name is M****** and she feels that she is ready.  She is the girlfriend of H****** and H*******'s mom feels that it will be good for him if M***** was baptized.  It appears that way to me as well.  She has already shown that she is wanting to get baptized for herself and not for him.  So this will be good.

We tried to find C********** but he is almost never home nowadays.  and he is not coming to church.  He doesn't wake up on time.

I'm doing all that I can to change and do better.  I am trying to lose myself in the work but sometimes I feel like giving up (don't worry, I won't). This area has tested my faith like no other.  Trial after trial after trial happens.  

I love you guys and I always thank you for your encouragement.  Have a good week.

Elder Kevin Brady

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