Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hi Family and Friends,

So this week we are working in a neighborhood full of people ready to hear the word of God.  And they love to hear it from all the churches such as us and Jehovah's Witnesses.  We are teaching one man named M******, I think i told you about him last week, but he is still coming to church and enjoying our message.  He invites everyone else in the neighborhood has well to come to church.  His wife (or girlfriend actually since they are not married on paper) came as well and she enjoyed it.  We also had another family that came to church and they enjoyed it a lot.  This area is starting to get a move on.

We also found another family whose mom is a baptized member, and the daughter was going to be as well, but because of some emergency transfers (a while back) and information being told to other missionaries, the missionaries did not show up at the baptism.  The mom was upset (the daughter as well) and stopped going to church for a while and then she started going to another ward.  We found her and she accepted us and was friendly and we marked a day where we can come by and talk with them and mark another day for the daughter to be baptized.  We had no Idea that they existed.  My companion arrived in this area not knowing anything that was going on and the members didn't tell us.  We had to learn about this family from the missionaries in the other ward.

Lunches are good here.  The members are nice.  We taught a lady the restoration but afterwards she stated that she was going to continue going to her church but we can stop by anytime we want to.  So that was that.  She had two yapping dogs.  It was really upsetting.

I hate mosquitoes.  They keep me up all night buzzing in my ear.  If i had one wish in the world, I'm not sure if I should wish that mosquitoes never exist, or dogs never exist.  probably I would wish away dogs though. (JK to all my dog loving friends).

I am always hungry.  And the funny thing is that I am not gaining weight.  I probably have the worst diet as well.  I rarely eat fruit or vegetables.  They don't taste good.  i love cheese bread and crave it constantly.  I miss taco bell.  And Cheeze-its; like the jalapeño kind.  I love cheese.  Cheeto's are good too.  I am really hungry right now.  i want a pizza. I might make one today.  Do I have to knead the dough or do I just mix the ingredients?  I'll figure it out.

Well that was my week.  I love you guys.  The Church is true and the gospel is true.

Elder Kevin Brady

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