Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 9, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Things are definitely picking up. As Elder Bednar said in the last April General Conference that sometimes personal revelation will come as a light that is turned on by a switch, and other times as the sun rises in the morning. I think my testimony is coming in the latter, but I like it better, because it causes me to work at receiving it, and once I realize I have it, I will appreciate it so much more. So I will keep striving at it. I want the same testimony that all the investigators are receiving as they hear the lessons. I continue for as long as it takes (aka: forever).

We have many great investigators and they are improving. One family is preparing for baptism this week and we gave them a blessing yesterday that they will continue to be strong during this week and afterwards. They had a question about sealing in the temple and she was confused how it worked with them sense she was married before, and now she is married with someone else and she has children with both men so she was wondering who the children are sealed to. We explained it to them the best we could. But they are very eager to follow the Lord. The only obstacle that we have to get through is the husband smokes so we have been working with him to stop.

That is what has and will be going on this week. After this transfer, I will be moved to another area. So right now I do not have any clue where I will be going.

That's my mission life today. I love you all and wish a good week to you.

Elder Kevin Brady

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