Monday, January 30, 2012

January 23, 2012

Dear family and friends,

That is so awesome that it snowed. I´m getting sunburned over here in Chapecó. It seems that every time me and Elder **** walk on the streets, we have direct sunlight, but when we are not walking, the sun is behind the clouds. Rarely is it the other way around. It is great to hear that the Seminary Broadcast thing went well. And again, congratulations to Danny and his new wife. At my wedding reception, I won't have a wedding cake, but I will have a wedding pizza. I will talk to Papa Murphy's about this. The bottom layer will be quadruple stuffed, the second will be triple stuffed, and the top will be double stuffed. All, of course, will be meat lovers and they will be layered with some type of cheese, preferably with the color white. And the other foods, will be some sort of snack foods. No fruits. Vegetables maybe if there were sandwiches. And congratulations to Katrina and Gordon and family for the upcoming baby.

This week went well. We had a baptism and wedding. The wedding started at eight at night, and the baptism was who knows when, afterwards. Then I gave a talk yesterday about Heavenly Father, because I will be going to a new area. That lasted about 3 minutes since I was nervous and still don't know the language too well.

Yes I will be going to a new area again, this will be the 5th area I have been in, and will be the 4th Zone. I will be going to Florianópolis (south part, which I heard is the very rich and German part of the country), and I will be companions with the Assistant to the President. So apparently, President Fernandez wants me to be fluent as soon by the end of this transfer. But at least I get to see the capital of Santa Catarina. I don't know how long I will stay in that area though. So today, I am just trying to get packed as soon as possible so that I can make the bus tonight at 10:00. It will be almost a 12 hour bus ride to florianópolis. Fun fun.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the daughter of our investigators who just got baptized just went to church yesterday and she is now taking the lessons. It's been an interesting couple of weeks here...

So that is my update for what has happened and what will happen. I am still enjoying studying and I am still enjoying being here on the mission. I love you guys.

Elder Kevin Brady

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