Sunday, January 29, 2012

December 26, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

How awesome it was to see you all and to see just how much you have all grown. Well, there wasn't much of a difference really except for Henry, Charlotte, and Jenna ... but still. Erica's hair was different. It is a little weird to see Tessa already married. I remember playing on scooters with Tessa and Erica at our very old house (on Franklin Street) and we would always make Erica be “the enemy.” But I now have to refocus my thoughts on what is important here on my mission. I need to remember that I must have an eye single to the glory of God. But I do appreciate and enjoy all the stories and the support that you all have given me.

So, there is not much to talk about this week since I told you all everything yesterday [on our Skype call]. But I did not tell my friends all the news. So to tell you all, I did have a baptism this last week and a wedding. And I did my first baptism ever so that is awesome. However, when I walked in the font I slipped so I was a little embarrassed about that, but it turned out fine. The wedding was very nice and I was asked to sing and play the piano. I needed to play some sort of romantic-ish song so I chose two Coldplay songs. The people couldn't understand the words, so it didn't matter.

We have been teaching many people and they are all coming to church and everything but the ones that we baptized did not come to be confirmed with the Holy Ghost, so that was unfortunate. We talked to them later and we told them why it was important to come to church be confirmed and they said that they would come.

Christmas was fun. It is a little different here because they stay up all night on the 24th and then when it is midnight (the 25th) they open each other's presents. Then they sleep in until lunch time and have a big lunch. That was completely different to me.

I don't have much else to say. So, I love you all and I can't wait to hear from all of you next week. Oh, and I am trying to write my handwritten letters this week as well, so I hope that I finish soon. When it comes to letters I write really slow.

But I love you.

Elder Kevin Brady

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