Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 10, 2012

Hey Family,

Cool, I have two nephews now.  So, that is good that the birth went OK and that Nicholas is doing as well as he can be.  Happy Birthday Bill.  No box yet.  There is a district meeting tomorrow and I might get it then.  Who knows. [The mission president gave him permission to send me a quick email to tell me his package arrived on Wednesday - so we could activate his debit card – to replace the stolen one].

Mission is same old same old.  No baptisms yet.  I don't think we are getting one this month because of the rules and qualifications for baptisms.  We are still working though.  One of the families did promise to come to church this next Sunday and here in Brazil, when they give their word, they mean it.  They also said they will come more than once.  The reason they couldn't come this week is because of a baby shower for one of the girls.  But next week they will come.  Also the Dad had a surgery on his spine so that also complicated things.

One of our investigators saw American Football on TV yesterday and started asking about that and we helped him to somewhat understand.  This investigator goes to church every week and we figure that the best we can do is just be his friend but we can't push him or he pulls away.  Tough stuff.

We had a thunder storm last night.  It was very difficult to sleep.  It was really loud and bright and constant.

There is not much to write because I don't know what you want to know.  What questions you have?  it is getting hotter.  81 degrees the other day and it is still winter mind you.

The church is true.  Erica, if you see anyone at BYU Hawaii that knows me, tell them I said hi.

I love you guys.

Elder Kevin Brady

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