Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 3, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

The cyst is fine, I don´t really feel it during the day but at night I kind of get some pain.

I have only had one companion this whole time and that would be Elder *****. He will be my companion until after the first week of November. The other missionaries that we are living with are pretty cool. We go on splits so often that it feels like Elder **** is practically my second companion. He is pretty cool, but he at times likes to play video games at some of the investigators houses; so I have been doing my best at trying not to fall into temptations like that. He thinks that it's fine to play video games, and so he does it. He looks at it as a way to fellowship investigators and show that we (missionaries) are normal people (he is Brazilian by the way), but my trainer told me to not play games. One of the Christlike attributes is humility, and so we/I must listen to our leaders, as they are called of God.

This week, nothing really happened. We just did a bunch of walking and some contacting but that was about it. Most of the excitement that I had this week was studying and making pancakes one day.

Studying has really bumped up on my list to the awesome spot since I feel like I am actually doing something. I kind of go all over the place with studying. One day I am studying in the Bible and then I am studying in Preach My Gospel and even that is all over the place. Right now I am in Exodus in the Bible and I am learning how retarded the children of Israel were when they were freed from Egypt. They were constantly murmuring. It´s a very good thing that I am learning to be more like Christ because as for me, if I had been the one freeing the children of Israel, I would have put them right back in Egypt, since they kept saying it would have been better for them. But of course, the Lord is divinely merciful and continually shows his love for them and for all of us. I need to work on charity a bit more I guess.

I made pancakes and I thought they turned out good but Elder **** said that I used too many eggs. Maybe I did, but I didn´t really care. It was the first pancake I had eaten in at least 6 months so I was happy. And with the vanilla syrup smothered all over it, it was very good! Syrup is extremely easy to make. 1 cup of water, 2 cups of sugar, pinch of salt, heat to a boil and stop it, add vanilla or maple flavoring and you now have a pint of syrup. They don't have maple here. or peanut butter. Or reese´s. Or life. They just are not living properly.

General conference was just in Portuguese except the middle part which was in English ( the part between the sessions). The more I concentrated on the talks, the more difficult it got, until I couldn't concentrate any more. The middle part was good though, and I liked it when they played the Mormon messages where they took clips of previous talks in general conference and made a video with the talk going on in the background. They are really cool. If you haven't seen them, go to them now and watch them. Elder Holland's are the best in my opinion. I can't wait for the English Liahona (or ensign).

I have got to say one thing about prayers though. I think Thomas S. Monson said something about prayers yesterday too, though I am not quite sure. Anyway, during the week I lost my manual which had important things in it, and I could not find it. I looked practically everywhere. I then prayed that Heavenly Father could help me to find it, and I decided to check my room. I walked in there and in the middle of my bed in plain sight, was my manual. Please note I didn't check there earlier. So I gained a testimony that God is wanting to help us; all we need to do is ask. He will answer our prayers, even if it is to show us how dumb we are; and then we will be able to be even more humble unto Him.

I am glad I made a choice to go on a mission. I am learning new things everyday even if I don't realize it until much later. I love all of you guys and I hope all of you continue to live strong in the gospel so that we can all return to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and live with each other forever.


Elder Kevin Brady

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