Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 17, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

This last week was really tough for my companion and me.  Our appointments have been continually falling through because nobody wants to hear from us.  We did have an improvement Sunday; we had an investigator come to church, so that was good.  We gave out three or four copies of the Book of Mormon (I don´t remember exactly), and that was exciting.

So, focusing on anything is extremely hard, as always, and I probably would do a better job at understanding people if I was able to focus.  It also does not help when my companion speaks in English to me.  My companion is wanting to learn English more than he wants to train me to learn Portuguese.  I really don't know right now if it is him that is training me or it is me that is training him.

So the letters are all coming in about two months late because of this unfortunate strike.  I dislike strikes.  They annoy the patience out of me.  I don't understand why people can't just pay the workers a little more, or the workers stop complaining and just find another job if they don't like the one they have.  People need to get over themselves.  I'll pay them more, I don't care, I just want my mail. In less than a month please.  So yes, be sure to tell Melly that I just got the letter and I did give a sigh.  (it was right after I opened it).

Hey, you guys should send some pictures of the family on the E-mail; and friends too, so I can see how you guys are doing.

Yesterday was day light savings in Brazil and my companion forgot so we arrived an hour late to church with our investigator.  The other day I gave my companion the suggestion that with his companion, he should say something that his companion did good and something that he could improve on.  Right after I said that he said, "I tried before to tell you things that you need to improve on but you wouldn't listen."  OK, so the say something nice part went completely over his head.  Then yesterday he wanted to fulfill that suggestion ( I had to remind him about the say something good part), and I think that it was the first time in his life he told someone something they did good. Like, I was watching him struggle to figure out something to say. I swear, sometimes I worry about people.  But what can I do.

Elder Holland said that I need to put the most effort on my mission than anything else I have ever done, like a sport, or some other activity, such as a play or choir song.  Well I can tell Elder Holland I did just that when I finish this mission. I have already put a lot of effort into it, because before, if something was hard, I gave up.  This is the toughest thing I have ever done.  Therefore, I am putting more effort into it than anything else I have ever done before.

I love you guys and love to hear from you.  Keep sending letters please so that I can have a good time reading them two months from now.  After the mission I am pretty sure we need to get me checked out because my concentration is awful.

Love, Elder Kevin Brady

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