Monday, July 11, 2011

July 6, 2011

Hello Everyone!

It´s great to hear from you and about everything that is going on. (By the way, once I come back to Oregon, I am going to have to get used to the United States [English] keyboard. You should look up the Brazilian keyboard.)

It´s been an awesome week and at the same time it´s been the same. The main difference is that I am feeling the spirit more and more and I love learning about the gospel and I can´t wait to go out to Florianópolis and teach the people.

Probably one of the greatest trials of my mission though is going to be not being able to go to the beach since I was used to living in Hawaii. But oh well, the beach will be even more awesome when I come back home.

It´s great to hear how much everyone is growing back at home! I´m going to come back home and Erica will have graduated high school if she isn´t in college yet, and Emily will just about ready to start high school. It´s crazy.

Dad´s birthday must have been great or at least it should have been. How come you guys haven´t gone on vacation yet? Wait, never mind, the new bishop thing might be keeping you home. [John was busy calling a new Bishop last week.]

Walking through the streets in Sau Paulo and doing shopping is great, though it´s hard to understand what some of the people are saying at the stores because they talk so fast. But it helps me with motivation to learn the language.

It was good to hear from Tessa and that she is doing great; although, it´s not so good to hear she is slacking a little in her classes. It´s funny because all my life she has been very strict when it comes to school and I was laid back, but now that I have finally learned the value of work, she is starting to become a bit like me (or how I was). But other than that, I hope the plans for the Wedding are going well for her,

Dad it was good to hear from you and I thought that it was awesome that some missionary experiences have been going on back home while I am here. I would like to hear about their progress if they still continue the lessons.

I´ve been a bit stressed recently since this has been a huge change for me, both physically and tremendously spiritually and with being District Leader and all, and I was just wondering what advice everyone over there has about dealing with stress. Because if I can learn how to deal with it now, then it would help me out a lot for when I go back to school, especially if I want to be a Biology Major. You guys will all be very surprised when I come back because you will see how much I have matured. Even I can see a difference.

I love and miss you all and your emails and letters give me great encouragement to continue to work hard here on my Mission.

Elder Brady

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