Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20, 2011

Hello Everyone!

It´s great to hear from you. I´m surprised that you guys haven´t received my letters yet; maybe you have already, I don´t know. But the weeks are pretty much all the same here except Friday which was proselyting day. It was a great experience for the whole district. Everyone gave out all of their books (two for each person, so four per companionship) except me and my companion who only gave one Book of Mormon. I felt odd, too, because I did talk a bit, but then I would always blank and my companion was then the one that would talk. Most of our time, though, was sucked out when Elder Hansen and I ran into Jehovah´s Witnesses. So that was a very humbling experience. At first it was only one guy but then two others came out of nowhere, literally, and started talking excitedly, and I had no idea what they were saying. All I knew is that they were teaching us what the name of God is. Yeah, it´s no good when you have no idea what they were saying, but it is also good because if I did know what they were saying, I would have started Bible bashing them. All in all it was a good experience, and we will do it again, only somewhere else, a week after this Friday.

I am getting really impatient to go out into the field because we just went through the whole grammar book, so there is not much else to teach us. Even giving practice lessons aren´t all that helpful since I know now how to teach. I would much rather spend all the time learning the language. We have some TRC thing this Saturday where they record us giving a lesson to a staff member actor, and, again, I don´t think this will teach me much because having a camera and a microphone in the room is going to distract me. So, that will be fun.

I like to sit in my room and read from the Portuguese Book of Mormon and the English one, because I seem to learn a lot from it. The only problem is whenever I start to do it, like 1-2 minutes into doing that I start to get an extremely bad headache. So I´m not able to do it for that long.

It´s cool to hear from Clinton Logan who gave the simple advice to love the people. I´ll be sure to remember to do that (I don´t think it would be too hard to do that either).

I´m getting a little bored here in the CTM--maybe a little cabin fever since we have to stay in here all day except P-Days. I´m glad that I didn´t have to go to the Provo MTC because I don´t think I would have lasted all 9 weeks of never leaving except for temple time. That would have been awful. Some of the rules here at the CTM I don´t understand at all, but I follow them anyways since I was told to work hard and follow the rules. It's hard waking up at 6:30 though. That is way to early, and the fact that tons of people keep me up at night does not help.

Well, I loved hearing from you. Have a good week.

Elder Brady

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