Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 13, 2011

Wow that was a lot of reading to do but I still have 20 minutes to write so I think I can still do this.            
Hello Family!!!           
I am getting through the weeks doing my best to keep the missionary spirit by just smiling.  Don´t worry, Elder Sanderson is telling me everyday to smile.  Also when we are practicing doing lessons, Elder Kent is reminding me to look at the other persons eyes while I am both talking and listening.  It´s a little uncomfortable for me but hopefully I can get used to it.  
Elder Brady just got here at the CTM today (Scotty if you haven´t figured it out) [Scott Brady is Kevin Brady's first cousin] and it was good to see him.   It´s weird to see him speaking some Portuguese but I guess it´s the same for him to see me doing it.  
We only did a short time outside the CTM today, unlike last week, when it was like more than two hours.  Today we were only outside for 45 minutes.  Last week I sent letters to the family so they should be there sometime by the end of this week.  I got a new pen today, since all the pens that I brought exploded, and a cheap pen I got here busted somehow. So I went to the store with a mindset of getting a 20,00 Reais pen, because they don´t have my favorite pen here.  I found, though, right next to the 20,00 Reais pen, a Laser pen that was 24,75 Reais; and it writes and it has a laser and it has a flashlight, so I thought it was a good deal.  (In American dollars that would only be $16.00.)  That was exciting.  I´m sure you guys are proud of me.  [!!!]
Thanks for all the tips on stress, that helped a lot.  It´s good to hear about all of the missionary experiences that are going on back home.  It´s a small world.  I´m going to be proselyting this Friday (I hope I spelled it right), so wish me luck as I will have my first experience talking to a Brazilian and inviting him to read the Book of Mormon.  Elder [Bradley] Craft told me he did it last week, and he said he forgot everything that he learned and he couldn´t say anything.  Hopefully I don´t end up like that but I have a feeling I might.  My companion on the other hand will be fine since he knows Spanish and learning the language is simple for him.  Anyway, I know I´ll be fine, I just have to trust in the Lord and listen to the Spirit, and I will be able to say what I need to to the people.  
Can´t think of much else to say except that I really cannot wait to go to Florianópolis to preach the gospel to the people.   I know why I got called to Brazil because I am learning not to give up.  My teacher here said the same thing; he said that maybe I am here, too, because serving in America would have been too easy for me.            
Love you, bye,     
Elder Brady

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  1. Oh is so uplifting to read your letters. Grandpa and I are remembering you in our every prayer. It fills my heart to know you are in Brazil because someone is waiting for Kevin Brady to teach them. It will happen - do not be too hard on yourself...everything will seem easier as time goes have so many praying for you. We are truly proud of all the effort you are putting into your mission. Preaching the gospel is huge..but the personal growth you will experience is also huge. We love you!! Grandma & Grandpa Ferre