Thursday, March 14, 2013

February 25, 2013 "My Birthday"

Hi Family and Friends,

So finally we got electricity in the apartment again after more than a month without it.  Now I can wash my clothes and take a warm shower.  And drink cold water instead of lukewarm water.  Congrats to Erica in the play.  Sounds like they did a great job.

Today is my birthday, and thankfully it's on a P-day [preparation day] so i can relax on my birthday.  Not sure though exactly what I will do.  Not much to do anyway since we aren't authorized to do pretty much anything other than missionary work. But that is OK, I'll figure something out.

This Sunday we had three investigators at church and we marked a baptism for this Saturday with one of them.  It was announced at church and the investigator, her name is E******, is really excited.  The other investigators were a couple that we started to teach on Thursday and they were referred to us from a member of the ward. They really enjoyed the meetings.  Hopes are high for them.

Another family we were teaching is now rejecting us and running away every time we walk by their house.  I'm not really sure what we did or what they heard but they just don't want to hear from us.  A family scheduled a family home evening with them for today with us, but I am not sure that they actually explained that us missionaries are going to be there.  I hope that the family won't get angry about that fact.

So, I am still with my companion from Argentina but president said that it was very likely for me next week to be transfered to my last area.  So I will probably have one more companion after this and I am not sure if he will be American or Brazilian or from another country.

That was all for this week.  I love you guys and I hope you have a good week.  I'll see you all soon.

Elder Kevin Brady

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