Friday, September 9, 2011

September 5, 2011


How many times have I asked to go to Enchanted Forest and you never took me, then I go on a mission and you guys go with the ENTIRE family . . . without me? Que isso!? (what is that!?). Oh, and when you mentioned the Spider Ride from Oaks Park I got a pretty bad headache just from reading those words. Well it´s good that everything has slowed down and that you all are finishing up the summer very nicely. Guess what: all of you have to go back to school. So that will be nice for you to learn and grow in the knowledge of the world. I have no idea what I will do (or where I will go to school) after my mission, but I try not to focus on that.

Dear Family and Friends,

This last week went by very well. We made many contacts at the beginning of the week; we taught as many investigators as we could; and we will be teaching the contacts this coming week. We made a contact with someone on Friday who came up to us and asked if we knew about some store on the street, and then Elder **** began talking to her about the gospel and she was very interested. We then gave her a very short message on Saturday and invited her to church and she accepted our invitation and then went to church the next day! This next part is what completely blew my companion and me out of the water: she stood up and bore her testimony in sacrament meeting. So, I´m just guessing about this, but I think she is ready to hear the gospel. So, it was a very good day yesterday.

We had lunch at the Stake President´s house, and this guy is incredibly funny in an offbeat sort of way. With the exception of Dad [the previous 5 words were added by Elder Brady's father], you just don't expect a stake president to be funny like that! He knows quite a bit of English which he learns from his job and the missionaries, and his son knows a good amount of English from missionaries as well. I was quite surprised.

It´s a little difficult to eat at member´s homes because they expect us missionaries to eat a lot and they get upset with me when I don´t eat enough. I feel like I´m about to explode and everyone is saying "Come mais, Elder!" (Eat more, Elder). I don´t want to eat more.

I was able to change the quality of the pictures so all 95 pictures are loaded onto the computer, and that means you are up to date.

I love reading your e-mails and it it was very nice to hear some of your testimonies. That always helps. I wrote you guys a letter that I will send off sometime this week. Talk to you next week.

Elder Kevin Brady

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