Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 19, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Alright so you all had lots of questions, but I have very little time to answer them. First of all, I apologize to Michelle for forgetting to tell you that – yes, I did get the letters from you, but I wasn´t exactly sure how to respond. Do I send back a normal letter, or is there something I do with "Dear Elder"? I do appreciate them; and I appreciate all of the letters that I receive, but it is harder in this area to send back hand written letters because the post office is downtown and that is out of our area. So I did send a letter to the family today, but this will be the only one for awhile. Please keep sending your letters [handwritten and email], though.

The night before yesterday, I threw up at one o'clock in the morning and all day yesterday I was sick and had a fever and that was no fun. Oh, and my companion was skeptical at first. But I guess that that whole scenario was just to test my patience and it was really tough. Once you start working on the Christlike attributes, you come to realize just about how much we fail in life and how far from perfect we are.

This area is tough; I´m guessing probably one of the toughest in the mission. The reason I think that way is because at the zone meeting that we had this past week (yes two weeks in a row for some reason, and this week we have a district meeting), one of the APs came to me and asked me how everything about my area was, and I mentioned that this town was a little more difficult than Criciuma; he then gave me a really apologetic look and said that he knew and he was really sorry and if there was anything I needed, I could call him any day. So yeah, this area is tough, and with this new program, it is also tough to fulfill all of our missionary requirements because it is practically impossible to get into anyone´s houses.

Focusing is still extremely hard for me, so that is tough. I could probably understand people better if I knew what they were saying.

I feel bad for the first counselor of the branch presidency here because his wife is becoming less active. That must be pretty tough for him because he is trying his best to help his ward to be better and everything.

I decided not to send any pictures this week because I only took two, and one is of the moon; so I decided that would be a waste of time to load up a picture of a moon especially since it didn´t even come out good because the quality is really low. I want to take more, but I don´t know of what. I´m not used to using a camera.

Conference is coming up shortly; I saw a little flyer for that at the church. I hope that it will be possible to listen to it in English instead of Portuguese because I don´t want to sit there for 5 hours not knowing what the general authorities are saying.

Oh, my companion wants to know if you can send him a quad in English that is a little bigger than mine and is green with out the flap thing. He said he will pay you back though I don´t know how. You don´t have to though because that would just be tough.

The language is coming along, and I remember that I received a blessing in the CTM from my companion that I will learn the language. So this is where the Faith, Hope, and Patience all come in. I have to be diligent in everything and I will learn what I need to know when I need it.

I love all of you guys and love all of your letters and emails. You have all been great examples to me in my life.

Elder Kevin Brady

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