Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 9, 2011

Hello Family and Friends!

No this is not my P-day because I am only writing an e-mail to tell everyone that I made it here to Florianópolis and that I am safe and OK.

Florianópolis is beautiful and rainy right now. It kind of looks like Hawaii in a sense.

I am about to go into a meeting with the president today. We had a bit of a meeting and Sister Fernandez gave a lesson on keeping our housing clean. I have met the assistants and they are pretty awesome and they are also about to leave [to go back home] in about three months or so. Apparently with the new study schedules we will be ready to take on any leadership positions in three months. That is how effective it will be.

I can´t answer all of your questions about my area and companion because I don´t know yet, and I can´t do any pictures because it is not my P-day yet. I am excited to start serving the Lord in this mission and I will be sure to tell you all of my experiences on my next P-day. As for now, I will figure out what´s going to be going on the next three months. It was good to hear from you all, and of all of your support.

My last week at the CTM was awful and I will give you more details next P-day. Have a good day. I have a headache. And I am wearing my purple tie.

Elder Kevin Brady


  1. Hi Elder the purple tie giving you a headache?? It all sounds so exciting and again, we are so proud of you! Know that you are being thought of and prayed for constantly! We love you! Grandma and grandpa Ferre