Friday, June 17, 2011

Kevin's First Letter From Brazil

June 15, 2011 Wednesday

Dear family and everyone,

OK, today is finally P-day. The city of Sao Paulo is huge. I have a view of the city from our dorm and the city stretches in just about every direction. On the way to the CTM, the people who drive here are crazy. They change lanes constantly, well I do that too, but everyone does it here. They say us Americans drive like grandma´s compared to them. There were spots on the free-way that didn´t have any lines for lanes, but they drove through as if they didn´t notice they were missing. The motorcycles are also allowed to pretty much go anywhere on the road.

There is no enter on this computer so I have to make large spaces for paragraphs. I also only have 30 minutes to write. My companion is Elder Hansen, and he is from Arizona. The rest of the guys in our district are pretty cool, most are from Washington, some from Utah and California and such. I got called as District Leader on Sunday so now I have to be a good example to everyone, which is kind of hard, especially in the morning (as we all know I am not a morning person).

The weather is pretty nice over here, even though it´s winter, but it can get cold, like down to 67 degrees or something. Everyone else says it´s hot, while I have to pile myself with clothing during the day. But other days it can be bright and sunny and get to about 75 or maybe a little higher.

We have gym time just about every day and we all as a district play volleyball together, since we have the perfect amount for a full game. The cafeteria food is all right, but I´m excited to go out to the Field to have food, because the teachers all say that it is so much better.

I have two teachers, one in the morning and evening. Irmão Costa is really good at teaching Spanish, because his English is not the best but still understandable. On the other hand Irmão Ramus has very good English since he served a mission in Washington, and he is better at teaching Preach My Gospel type of stuff. We all have fun learning Portuguese, except I´m sure that everyone in our district has ADD because we start asking how to say random stuff in Portuguese. Today I´m going outside the CTM and I am going to buy some flashcards, and maybe some pens because my other pens all stopped working. I don´t know when I will send the pictures from my camera since I don´t know how to put them on these computers. I don´t think they would like it either.

It´s great to hear from everybody. I miss you all. Oh, the temple is beautiful over hear, except during the session I had to go to the bathroom really bad. But other than that it was great. I will talk to you next week. Don´t post too many e-mails so that I have more time to write while at the CTM. This keyboard takes some time to get used to too.

Elder Brady

PS - Note from SLB here: Kevin would love some handwritten letters as he has a limited time to read email. I will post his address below. Thanks for checking in.

Elder Kevin Patrick Brady
Box # 13 District # 23-A Brazil CTM
Brazil Florianópolis Mission
Rua Padre Antônio D'Angelo, 121
Casa Verde, São Paulo, SP
Brazil 02516-040

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